Michael Candelario Explains How to Sell Real Estate During The Pandemic

Michael Candelario Explains How to Sell Real Estate During The Pandemic

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, March 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The pandemic has changed many things in our society. How we interact with people, do business with others and adjust to living has caused turmoil for many people. However, did you know that the real estate business is still booming during the COVID-19 pandemic? Michael Candelario is here to explain how you can sell real estate during this pandemic and safely do business without contracting the coronavirus.

Michael Candelario states that the real estate industry has become more digitized than ever. What this means is that there are more resources to sell your home from a distance than ever before. Michael Candelario states that apps such as Zillow allow you to get into contact with your future customers using their platform that acts as a middleman. This obviously creates a natural social distancing that helps you get in touch with individuals who are looking to buy or rent a home. Calling your customers and scheduling an appointment with them has never been easier thanks to apps like Zillow that bring customers and real estate developers together in one place.

In order to provide people with the right amount of amenities that can help them ease their anxieties about the pandemic, you will want to stage your homes in an appealing way that showcases what your home has to offer. This means staging your home and taking incredible photos to put up online. You will want to declutter the home to show how beautiful it is and what you have to offer. Examples of good staging include:

-Using good lighting
-Showing off the amount of space that the home actually has
-Using virtual furniture by using apps such as iStaging and VisualStager to help build an image of what the home can look like
-Providing fresh flowers and other types of plants to enhance the aesthetics of your home

Michael Candelario says that every real estate developer should include a coronavirus clause in their contract. This gives them the ability to extend the closing or cancel home sales without having to give up money involved without liability. This can protect the customer and the real estate developer in the event that COVID-19 affects the selling process. Michael Candelario explains that you can never be too safe during the pandemic and one should take all the necessary steps to protect themselves and their business from the harmful effects of this deadly pandemic.

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