Michael Candelario’s Keys to Enjoying Cannabis Responsibly

Michael Candelario
3 min readMar 11, 2021

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, March 11, 2021 — It is no secret that in some states, cannabis is now legal and that has many people feeling ecstatic. This is the time to remind them that, with this legalization comes personal responsibility. Cannabis must be enjoyed responsibly. To that end, Michael Candelario offers his keys to ensuring that happens with each and every person that chooses to imbibe. What are they? Keep reading.

NO Driving

Michael Candelario feels this key is a given; however, some people might be tempted to ignore this advice. When you are planning to use cannabis, make sure you do not have any place to go. Under no circumstances should you drive any type of vehicle. It is flat-out dangerous to do so. Plus, despite it being legal where you live, there are still stiff penalties if you are caught driving while under the influence. Don’t take chances, just stay put until the cannabis is completely out of your system.

Be Certain it IS Legal Where You Are

Michael Candelario suggests this is the most common mistake amongst cannabis users. Even though it may be legal where you live, that does NOT mean it is legal elsewhere. If you are traveling to another state for any reason, be sure you know the laws in that state pertaining to cannabis use. There is no wiggle room. The local authorities will come down hard on you if weed is illegal in their state, and you ignore that. If you do not know, make certain to find out before traveling there. If you feel you cannot abide, do not go there.

Do NOT Share Cannabis with a Minor

This is true even if you are the parent. Under no circumstances should you share cannabis with someone who is under the age of adulthood. Michael Candelario says this is one of the worst things a cannabis user can do. It does not matter if it is legal where you are. If you give some to a minor, you will face severe punishment. It is best not to be in the same room with a minor if you plan to partake of cannabis. Then it will not be a temptation for them or for you to share it.

No Imbibing Prior to Work

This is completely irresponsible, even if cannabis is legal where you live and work. According to Michael Candelario, cannabis can adversely affect the way you do your job and interact with other people. Most places of employment conduct drug screening tests, often without warning. Do not be fooled into thinking you can get away with smoking weed prior to work. It is entirely reasonable for an employer to expect you to be drug-free when working. If you violate their rules, you can be fired and left without legal recourse. Just do not do it!

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